Battle Ball 1.03


Oakland, CA -- August 10th, 2007 ? Independent online games developer Mindwave Games announced today the public release of ?Battle Ball? multiplayer beta, coming after three days of testing by a small group of online fans. A 3D paddle ball game built around an unique multi-tournament system, ?Battle Ball? lets players compete head to head in real-time, power up their accounts as time goes by, and win cash prizes each week all for free.

?Lots more coins,? demanded d000hg, the current tournament leader. ?One coin every 10-15 min I'd hang around to wait for it.? The coins under demand are awarded hourly by an integrated website-driven and in-game database. The player uses them in wager games, in which the winner is able to use the winnings to advance his in-game level.

The developers claim ?zero lag? network play. ?I should use that phrase with quotes but I won't use them, because the player doesn't see [the latency], ? explained Kirby Zhang, the designer and programmer behind ?Battle Ball?. ?There is zero server lag because the player is the server, both players are at the same time.? He demonstrated a game session with 400ms simulated latency. The ball bounced upon contact with the paddle, traveled to the opposite end, and was returned by opponent without any apparent delay or glitch.

But why play another game of pong? ?Battle Ball reminds people of pong, but it really doesn't play like pong! This game has simple mouse controls and is very easy to learn; however it requires training, concentration, and continuous skill development to play competitively. Our top players can play over a hundred games in a single day!?

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