Keep Tabs on Your Web


Cut Out Computer Clutter. View sites as tabs within a single window rather than opening a new window for every one you visit. Discover how tabs will make your life easier:

* Right-click on a link and select “Open link in New Tab” (give it a try!)
* Or, open a fresh tab yourself by clicking ctrl-T.

Staying Secure Online

Surf Safely. Our community of more than 10,000 testers is checking every day to make sure Firefox is successfully protecting you. Firefox will warn you if you accidentally visit a scam site looking to steal your info, and it will never let a site install programs on your computer without your explicit agreement.

Search Made Simple

Find it Fast. Firefox includes a built-in search bar so you can find whatever you need without having to open a new web page. Best of all, you can even customize it to include whatever search engines you prefer.

Making FireFox Your Own

Enhance Your Experience. We’ve made it easy for you to tailor your Firefox so it’s perfect for you. Explore Firefox add-ons and discover all the ways you can soup up your Firefox to help you do the things on the web you like best.

For example:

* Give your browser a whole new look with specially created themes.
* Try add-ons that will enhance listening to music, simplify photo sharing, block pop-ups, and more.