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Thread: Beautiful Man..............

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    Beautiful Man..............

    By Toshia


    Beautiful man who empowers me
    to be loyal by showering me
    with his unending faithfulness.
    He steadfastly loves me,
    he consistently keeps
    his promise to forgive me,
    he promises to stick with me
    no matter where, no matter when,
    no matter what.
    Because of Beautiful Mans' loyalty to me, I have all
    the power I need to be like him and stay committed to the people and things that matter most in life; And what matters to me is he'll always be my Beautiful Man;
    My beautiful man who loves me and will be here till the end of life; So I call him my Beautiful Man

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    Nice post

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    nice collection

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    thanks ashu...

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    good one... =)

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    thanks sunshine...

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