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Thread: Do u have time?

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    Do u have time?

    I knelt to pray but not for long
    I had too much to do
    Must hurry off and get to work
    For bills would soon be due.
    And as I said a hurried prayer
    Jumped up from off my knee
    My duty was now done
    My soul could be at ease


    All through the day I had no time
    To speak a word of cheer
    No time to speak to friends
    They'd laugh at me I fear
    No time...No time too much to do
    That was my constant cry
    No time to give to those in need

    At last it was time to die
    And when the Lord I came
    I stood with downcast eyes
    With His hands He held a book
    It was The Book of Life

    He look in the book and said
    Your name I cannot find
    I once was going to write it down
    But never found the time.

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    Nice one

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    very touching

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    good one...

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    thanx ya all...

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