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Thread: Her witness

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    Her witness

    This poem's about someone who was battling cancer

    God, please tell this woman
    That the people looking on
    See a deep abiding faith
    And a spirit that is strong

    All which stem from knowing Jesus
    As the anchor of her soul
    And a trust defying sight
    As she seeks to be made whole


    Through debilitating illness
    And a devastating loss
    She has chosen to be faithful
    To her God at any cost

    Just the parting from her children
    By itself would break her heart
    And require all the mercy
    And the grace that God imparts

    As she clings to all the promises
    Written in your word
    Laying claim on a new body
    And the home of which she's heard

    It's a mystery and amazing
    That our heart can be at rest
    And a peace can come upon us
    Though we lose what we love best

    Tell this woman that her witness
    Is astounding to us all
    As we see your grace and glory
    Being evidenced to all

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    touching poem

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    thanx sweety....

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    cool one

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    very touching

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    Nice heart touching poem

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