Today was a day similar to all other days..
I was coming back home after a busy full day. When I reached the entrance gate of my building, I found people dressed in white. I didn’t give it too much importance and went up to my floor. I got off the lift to find the door of my house open. There was a crowd of people..I was frightened. I entered my house. I saw relatives gathered in the hall - all in white. The place was surrounded with grief. They were taking among themselves.
I saw their sad faces. and asked them what happed but they didn’t notice me. I quickly moved to the next room - I saw my parents sitting in front of a body covered with a white cloth.
Oooohhhh no. Who was it? I asked my parents but they continued crying and didn’t give any answer. I was bewildered and tried to guess who it was. I looked around the room trying to figure out which of the relatives was missing. Slowly I reached towards the body and tried to remove the cloth with my trembling hands.
It was me.
Now I realised why nobody noticed me. My life was over. Slowly I sat down in one corner and became listless. I tried to recollect what remained to be done in my life. My whole life was passing in front of my eyes.
I was serveying all my relatives who were present in the room. I try to hear what they were talking about me. I tried to recollect all my interactions with all of them. All the times that I wanted to apologize to them for my bad behavior and all the times I didn't because I was ashamed.
I am remembering the time which I missed out - to enjoy with my family, relatives and friends. I spent my whole life just running running and running - I forgot to enjoy with small kids.
I saw the wrinkles on my parents' face. I wanted to give happiness to them; I wanted to tell them how much I loved them. But now no one will hear me. I see some of my friends entering the room. I wanted to tell them ‘THANK YOU’ for their support and help...all the times I didn't do so only because of my ego.
I asked God to give me just a minute to tell all this too my family and friends..Please god give me only last one minute, only one minute …… I know, I will never get… Some tears drop. I closed my eyes.
I am remembering the goal which remains to be achieved. I wanted my family to become proud of me. I remembered all the time I wasted in what we loosely called ‘TIME PASS’. But now time has really passed. I wanted to help so many people but I couldn’t because of my laziness. I could see so many people whom I had wanted to meet and talk to, but as always I pushed it for tomorrow.
That tomorrow never came.
Please live your life the fullest. We never get the last one minute to say BYE ..