Now, publishers have one more platform to offer their books to the online reader fraternity.

Microsoft will try everything others do, some times it does better, sometimes it just hangs around. Competing with Google's Book Search, Microsoft is bringing its own Live Search Books, posing direct competition to Google.

The service is in beta stage, but allows publishers from around the globe to upload their books. According to Microsoft, the service will give information seekers a distinctive, powerful set of tools that helps them find answers to their search questions by discovering authoritative book content and provide publishers with a new way to connect with potential customers.

Publishers can add their content to Windows Live Book Search through the Windows Live Book Search Publisher Program. Participation in the program is free, and it takes just a few simple steps to sign up.

The service is very user-friendly: once a publisher has submitted the titles, Microsoft handles the rest; if needed, it scans the books and then indexes them.