I always wondered how people could be so mean to someone and not think twice about what they have said or done... that's why I was majorly affected when I had found out what a bunch of kids had done to this poor little kid who just wanted to make friends at a new school.


Shaun was the new French kid at school and we had never had a French kid come to our school before. The minute he walked in the classroom, people snickered and called him a "frog". Of course I tried to be nice and welcome him because I know how being the "new" kid feels and how you just wanna make friends.

The popular group didn't agree; they thought he was just a stupid French frog who didn't deserve respect, even though I know he did. The "popular" kids decided to beat him up so they told everyone at school that they were gonna bring him to the woods and beat him. This one guy had agreed to be his "friend" for the day and bring him to these woods.

I didn't agree with any of this but I was afraid that if I went and told, I would have gotten beaten up too. I feel bad now because after it happened, I felt responsible. He was beat so bad that he couldn't walk or see. I knew I should have said something but I was too busy thinking about myself.

The moral of this story is try to be a friend. Get to know someone before you judge them; they might turn out to be a great person. And NEVER follow the so called "popular kids" because later in life, it doesn't matter if you're popular or not.