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Thread: My Two Best Friends

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    My Two Best Friends

    Todd and Tim were two of my best friends. Everyday I walked with Tim in school and everyday we would pass a big sign that says "U drink, U drive, U lose" and when I looked at it, Tim would look at it.

    Tim also read the SADD bags we made for SADD. SADD bags were little paper bags with slogans about how not to drink and drive on them. We were going to give them to the Liquor store down the road. Anyway Tim read the bags I made and after he read them he said, "those are pretty cool."

    Then one night I was talking to Tim online and he said that him and Todd were going out to drive around. He invited me but I couldn't go. I even said to Tim not to be stupid. He knew what I meant by that.

    Him and Todd went out and they didn't listen to me. They crashed into another car and they were both thrown out of the car. Todd died instantly. Tim was driving and he lived, but is most likely going to die very soon. Tim hasn't woken up since the crash, which was almost a month ago. He's in a coma, and has double pneumonia. He has to have plastic surgery done on his face and because he made a stupid decision Tim didn't graduate with the class of 2002. He's not going to go into the Marines as planed. He'll be lucky if he even lives.

    Drinking and Driving just isn't worth it!!

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    very true... drink but plssss dont drive after it...

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    vryyy sad
    wht dinesh told is right
    hav to be vry carfull while drivin so plss take care in drivin
    not to drink not to talk in cell phone n plss dont ride over city limits its vry dangerous n costs life

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    I just wish ppl cud think like ya all...
    2 bad they just wont, till an event like this happens...
    But then...its usually 2 late...

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    its very sad

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