Microsoft published an advertisement for job of sweepers in local newspapers, “Some seat of sweepers are lying vacant in the office. Candidates must reach the office at given time and date". The other details about the criteria were also mentioned.
One candidate reached at the office and was selected. He was asked to go the H.R Manager for final selection. The H.R Manager asked the gentle man to send his C.V to [email protected] .com. The gentle man replied that he has no e-mail address and do not know about the internet and e-mail. The Manager said, “Gentle man, In the world of computers having an e-mail address is so important and compulsory, that a person with out an e-mail does not exist, so when a person does not exist,how can I appoint such a person having no existence" . The gentle man was disappointed and came out of the office.
After few days, the gentle man started selling vegetables in the local market and after few years he started import-export of vegetables. One day, he has a meeting with foreign delegation. In the meeting the other parties demand for his e-mail address. The gentle man said that he did not have an e-mail address. Some one said that did you know, Sir, that an e-mail address has so much importance and benefits and if you have an-email address what would be your status now.The gentle man smiled and said I must be a sweeper in the Microsoft office.