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Thread: Know your skin type...

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    Know your skin type...

    Normal skin: This skin type is neither oily nor dry. Beautiful as it is, it needs care, if it is to last. People with normal skin start showing signs of age and wrinkling sooner than others. Daily cleansing, toning and nourishing is the adequate care for normal skin.


    Oily skin: In this kind of skin, oil producing glands are overactive. They produces more oil than is needed, which oozes up, giving the skin a greasy shine. The pores are enlarged and the skin has a coarse look. This kind of skin also suffers from blackheads, pimples & acne. Oily skin needs special cleansing to keep the pores unclogged.

    Dry skin: Majority of the people have dry skin. Your skin lacks both sebum and moisture. It looks fine textured, transparent, patchy and fragile. There are many factors which affect dry skin and make them even ore dry. For instance, washing with soap & water not only removes grime but also the natural oils that protect the skin. Exposure to the sun, air- conditioners and heaters also take their toll. Dry skin always needs moisturiser which increases the water content of the outer layer of the skin, giving it a soft, moist look.

    Combination skin: This type of skin has a greasy area, while the rest is dry or normal. The forehead, nose and chin, i.e. the T-zone, may be greasy and the rest dry. Combination skin are very common and are one of the most frequently misunderstood and mistreated skins. This type of skin requires separate treatments for each area. However both the dry and greasy area needs moisturising.

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    nice info

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    i have oily skin...

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    @sunny ,then take care of ur skin,i give u more tips

    me normal skin

    thanks deepthi

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    once again sweety EXCELENT..! anyways take care...

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    thanks for info sweety

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    Good info

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    thanks and welcome guys

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