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Thread: God gave us each a talent

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    God gave us each a talent

    God made us all unique,
    Born in a world of talents,
    Giving us one each,
    Helping us all to balance.

    But sometimes these are used wrong,
    Sometimes we forget to thank God,
    When in his arms we should belong,
    Singing and chanting "I love you God."

    So let those who haven't found theirs yet,
    Tackle their way through life,
    Give them the joy of knowing they can't regret,
    In using for wrong and right.

    Even when we're feeling low,
    Or think there's no way out,
    We think we have no way to go,
    Not knowing what you're about.

    Finally we pull through,
    Because you're our only hope,
    we know it's you we'll never loose,
    You give us the strength to cope.

    So as you made us all unique,
    Giving us different talents,
    Help us to find one each,
    So we can truly balance!


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    this is true

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    nice one sweety

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    sweet as u

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    thank u

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