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Thread: Sitting here...........................sad poem

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    Sitting here...........................sad poem

    U always said we could be together,
    and we were,
    on that roof top at midnight just laying next to u,
    u would look at me and i would stare back,
    but now im on the roof top again,
    with noone but the wind,
    it sends chills down my spine and cold memorys,
    i want u to come back,
    with the warmth ur gaze could leave me in,
    all the memories good and bad,
    are all better than this,
    and being all alone without u,
    i just want to be with u,
    but i guess i really had no choice,
    cuz u left me standing in the rain waiting for u,
    i stayed there til 1,
    thinking u would come around,
    but when u came u just told me and then left,
    i fell to my knees,
    and i cryed all night long,
    i should have known,
    that sumthing was wrong,
    but now there is no way i can fix it,
    u said it was my fault,
    but if it really was,
    wouldnt u give me a chance to atleast try one more time


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    vryyyyy nice one
    kind n calm request to frnds
    vry touchyyyyyyyyy

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    so sweet.....

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    thanks u guys

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    Nice one

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    the emotion of this peace of poetry is conveyed well... anyways thankyou and take care...

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