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    1. ONE DAY raja and rani decided to send sms by pigeon instead of using mobile.the vey next day pigeon reached raja widout ny message.he angried and called rani.she told raja"stupid,it was a missed call".

    2. knock !! knock!!!! may i cum into ur world????.i bring no flowers,no cakes.but wishes to keep u fresh,prayer to keep u healthy and love to keep u smiling.....
    gud morning....

    3. u r genius.ur mind is a is divided into two parts: left and left part,nothing is right and in right part nothing is left.

    4. smile a while and when u smile,smile another smile and soon there will be miles and miles of smile bcoz u smiled.i wish ur day will be full of smiles.

    5. doctor's prescription for u:
    a cute little smile 4 breakfast,more laughs for lunch.lots of happiness for dinner.

    doctor's fee? an sms wen u r free.

    6. apke dil me bas jaenge SMS ki tarah,
    dil me bajenge RINGTONE KI TARAH,
    dosti kum nahi hogi BALANCE ki tarah,
    sirf aap busy na rehna NETWORK ki tarah.

    7. god is so wise that he never created FRIENDS wid price tags,
    bcoz........... if he did ,i cant afford a prcious FRIEND like u!!!!!!!!


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    nice one

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    Quote Originally Posted by am_alive
    nice one
    nice 7 deepu

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    nice one

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    they are all nice

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    read them before still make me laugh

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    they r GR8

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