The heat is full on. The bright sun, the accompanying sweat and grime do absolutely nothing for your skin. And that mascara just won't stop running. Come summer and most women begin a daily battle with their make-up. In addition to using make-up that will last till you call it a day, using the right colours is equally important. Now, with these tips from our expert Komal Gulati, the creative director for make-up at the KEUNE Academy, you can make your make-up last all day and choose a colour that is just perfect for you.


Make-up Dos
1. Skip the foundation, if possible and opt for a tinted moisturizer.
2. If foundation is necessary, lighter coverage will fare better when temperatures heat up. While applying, steer clear of the hairline as perspiration starts from there.
3. Dust any coverage with a little loose powder.
4. Use a blush sparingly, letting your sun kissed cheeks grab the attention.
5. Go light on the eyes and line the upper lash line only. Shadow from lash line to brow is more likely to cake or crease in heat and darker colors will be more apparent if they bleed.
6. Set the eye makeup with loose powder. This will help absorb any moisture that may cause eye makeup to melt.
7. Skip the eyeliner and use waterproof mascara only on the upper lashes. Skip the mascara for the lower lashes as it is likely to streak in the sweaty under eye area.
8. Keep lips protected and moisturized. Use a lip balm that has an SPF and apply moisture rich lipstick.
9. Choose a colour that compliments the natural shade of your lips and skin. Plums, wines and deep reds flatter a dark skin tone, while light brown beiges with pink or orange undertones compliment a lighter skin tone. Olive skin looks good with brownish reds, light browns and raisin shades of lipstick.
10. Keep colours lighter for the daytime and darker for night. Matte and cream finishes offer a subtle daytime look, while a high gloss finish adds glamour for evening. A sheer, natural looking colour with a little shine also works for the day.
11. Deep or bold lip colours compliment light eye makeup, while light or nude lipstick flatters heavy eye makeup.

Make-up Don’ts

1. Do not reapply any pressed powder, because it has the tendency to cake and clump when hit with moisture.
2. Do not apply more than one coat of mascara. Additional mascara to the lashes during the day may lead to a caked or clumped look.
3. Do not apply a different shade of blusher in comparison to that of lip colour. The blusher and lip colour should be in harmony.
4. Do not use lip liner during the day.
5. Do not buy lip colours that look good in the tube, instead buy a colour which looks good on you.