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Thread: my silence love

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    my silence love

    Strolling on the empty street I want to release my affections.
    Making such a decision that’s ‘coz the neighboring loneliness
    Our love seems like passing scenery to you.
    You just keep on walking and never slow down your pace for me.

    I give your silence love in exchange for your occasional love.
    But I can never gain a name in this 3-role film.

    U said love like a cloud, which looks beautiful when it’s flowing
    I finally get to believe that sometimes the reason we broke up could be so moving.

    I give you my love always silently.
    A the beginning, I insist on what I want was just the past
    Then gradually found love should have a response.

    I give you my love always silently.
    Except the tears rushed down on my face willfully,
    The fate is just to show the matter ----you don’t love me suddenly

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    nice poem

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