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Thread: Intelligent Donkey

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    asif pk


    Intelligent Donkey

    In Asia the Donkey is the symbol of foolishness but in Europe the donkey is the symbol of wisdom.
    Here is the story of such a donkey who make a different history in the world of donkeys.

    Once Upon a time there was a donkey.The donkey lived with its master.The master often use the donkey for transporting goods.Once,In the night, the donkey was traveling with its master.On the way, there was deep well beside the road.The poor donkey did,t know about this as there was complete darkness and it was following its master.When they reached near the well, its master stopped to take some rest.The donkey started grazing as the donkey know its master is resting a while.Suddenly, it was imbalanced and fell down into the deep well.As it fell down in the darkness of the well,and it started crying for help.


    The master came quickly but as he noticed, he was helpless to pull the donkey out of the well. The master called for help.Fortunately, some people came at the call. The master told them about the donkey.They all people tried their best but there was no way to pull the donkey out of the well.

    The people advised the master to throw dust on the donkey as it seemed impossible to pull the donkey out of the well.The master was agreed with hesitation on this proposal and started throwing dust on the donkey as this was the only way to get rid of the noise and donkey's pain.

    As the donkey saw dust coming to it , it started crying more loudly as it realized the plan.The people carry on throwing dust with the help different tools.Suddenly, a plan came into the donkey's mind,when the dust reached near its abdomen, he pull out its front legs by putting all its weight on back legs and in this way it pulls its back legs in the same way.It was stepping ahead upwards.

    The donkey repeated this many time and after several hours when the people were thinking they have finished their work because they continued to throw dust as the well was going to fill out.As they were hearing no noise, they were surprised to see the the donkey jumping out of the well.But no one perhaps know how the donkey did this?

    Moral:1:- Never cry when you are in trouble, just think to get out of it.
    2:-The people of cruel world always creating problems for you ,dust stands for problems.
    3:- Do,t cry just get a step over the problems like the donkey step over the dust.
    4:- The well is representing for troubles comes in the life.

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    Nice Post... Now when i see a donkey i will salute him..

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    rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeepppppooooooooossssssssssss ssssttttttttttttttt

    repost in short sorry

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