The passion in your _expression
The kindness in your voice
The way you still look at me
It?s not even my choice
You control the way I feel
Your affect has been so deep
And in reality
You know my heart you keep
Even when I pretend
That my feelings for you have gone
I just can?t learn to be strong
Our love was meant to be
I speak without a doubt
And still regret everyday
That our love could not hold out
Somedays I think it?s over
Somedays I believe we?re through
Yet constantly I find myself
Running back to you
Your love is my protection
Without you I?m not whole
The power of our connection
To you I?d bare my soul
I don?t know if you understand the depth of this bond
You were sent to me from above by an angel or a wand
I know this can?t continue
Because soon I must accept
That what we had was in the past
And just did not work out
I know inside you feel the same
I see it in your eyes
If only we weren?t so afraid
As our love slowly dies
Your love does something to me
That I?ve never felt before
And everytime our eyes meet
I wish for one time more,
Just one more night together,
Just one more gentle kiss
Just one more time you speak those words
"I Love You" with such bliss
My passon for you consumes me
And just one more time in your arms
Is all I ask to be!