Silent voices in the dark..
A sigh , a cry ,a wish to die..
Long lost dreams and dusty paths..
A fruitless end to false starts..

Missed words and unheard praise..
Regretful fights and bad hair days..
Flights of fancy to a star..
Open declarations of friends at war..

Loves labour lost in time..
College crushes and chilhood crimes..
Stolen kisses and icecream in the rain..
Those final moments of a game in pain..

Secret messages and hate mail..
Resolutions that always fail..
Bike rides on a highway long..
Playing along the right side of wrong..

Endless musings of places far..
A mugging that left a scar..
Sleepless nights and lectures bunked..
Passing where one expected to have flunked..

Good deeds done once a day..
Hoping life would stay this way..
Another poem without reason or rhyme..
Maybe something said unconsciously sublime..

I like icecream in Rain
dont think i m in Pain..!