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Thread: Control almost any MP3 player from YOUR WEB BROWSER.... FREE

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    Control almost any MP3 player from YOUR WEB BROWSER.... FREE

    FoxyTunes 2.9.6

    Do you listen to Music while surfing the Web? FoxyTunes lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser.

    FoxyTunes is an Extension for Mozilla Firefox that supports the Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Thunderbird. It allows you to control your favorite media player without leaving the browser. The controls are positioned on the status bar or one of the toolbars, so no extra space is wasted. FoxyTunes has several nice features. You can control the playback, adjust the volume, and see what's playing. Many more features are in development, among them advanced music-related searches.

    Version 2.9.6 adds support for VLC Media Player as well as Signature for Thunderbird.

    Basic features

    * Tiny, unobtrusive and customizable
    * Multiplatform - works on MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
    * Supports more than 30 media players, will support more players in future versions
    * Also supports Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Flock
    * Position anywhere in the browser - on the status bar or on one of the toolbars
    * Volume controls
    * Seek Slider
    * Configurable keyboard shortcuts
    * Currently playing track information
    * Customizable and collapsible
    * Auto-hide
    * Skinnable and localizable.
    * Automatically launch your player when needed
    * Pop up and hide the player window with a click
    * Correctly shows track information encoded in any language, supports Unicode
    * Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer
    * No third-party controller applications and plugins - everything is done efficiently by the FoxyTunes extension

    Advanced features

    * Built-in Signatunes - music signatures for email, blog and forums
    * Automatically finds and displays album covers
    * Music Web searches - lyrics, images, info, video and much more
    * FoxyTunes Mini desktop widget with its own tabbed mini browser
    * Shows recently played song history
    * Stream podcasts directly from the Web to your media player
    * Subscribe to podcasts (only with supporting players)
    * Stream media files (mp3's, m3u's etc.) directly from the Web to your media player
    * Optional extra - TwittyTunes - post your currently playing songs to Twitter with a click

    On your status bar

    The many faces of FoxyTunes

    Foxy Skins

    FoxyTunes with your player

    FoxyTunes anywhere in your browser

    FoxyTunes in your language


    A FoxyTunes skin is a regular browser extension.
    Install a FoxyTunes skin extension to change the appearance of FoxyTunes.
    Install another skin extension to change the skin.
    Uninstall or disable the skin extension to return to the default FoxyTunes skin.

    Note: if you want to install a skin directly from this page, either add this site to the list of sites that are allowed to install software or drag the install link onto your address bar.

    Aqua Bubbles Blue 2.1

    Finespun 1.2

    OnyxOrbs 1.15

    [R]evolution 1.7

    Baby Blue 0.6

    [R]evolution-lite 0.9.2

    FiRemote 1.1

    cleanJR 1.4

    iControlsFT 1.1

    FS Aqua 2.1

    Rain 0.2

    Whitehart 1.2

    If you love music but hate jumping from Firefox to music player and back whenever you want to adjust your tunes, FoxyTunes is the plug-in for you.

    FoxyTunes gives you control of your favorite music player from within Firefox, so there's no more switching windows to skip that Barry Manilow ditty you forgot to delete. The interface is easy to use and is highly customizable. When opened, it shows a navigation array with buttons for Play, Pause, Mute, Next Track, Last Track, Volume, and the useful Show Player, which unhides your music player. There's also a Hide Player button, as well as a music Search tool, keyboard shortcuts, skins, and a mini player that places the app controls on your desktop.

    Supported players include iTunes, Winamp, RealPlayer, XMPlay and, as well as nearly two dozen others and a "custom player" option. The lyric and album art searches have been expanded with FoxyTunes' new music portal, which provides feeds from Google, YouTube,,, Wikipedia, and several online radio stations to make music discovery easier.

    FoxyTunes' strengths are in the depth of available features plus the level of customization. Weaknesses? Only that you'll wish all Firefox add-ons were this good.

    Works with:

    License:F R E E


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    might come in handy.

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