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Thread: Find the man in the coffee

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    Find the man in the coffee

    A little something to wake your brain up!
    This is NOT one of those e-mails with the monster jumping out at you.
    I promise.
    Somewhere In this picture of coffee beans is a man. See if you can find him

    This is bizarre - after you find the guy - it's so obvious. Once you find him - it's embarrassing, and you think, Why didn't I see him immediately?

    Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, your right half of your brain is better developed than most people.

    If you find the man between 3 seconds and 1 minute, your right half of the brain is developed normally.

    If you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein.

    If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of this type of exercise to make that part of the brain stronger!!!

    And, yes, the man is really there!!!

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    yoooooooooo exact 3 sec......devil mind...lolz

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    Good that means ur right brain is fully developed have a nice day

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    3 seconds...maybe because I've seen this before

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