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Thread: Food Facts

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    Food Facts

    - The onion is named after a Latin word meaning large pearl.

    - Half of the world's population live on a staple diet of rice.

    - Chocolate is the number one foodstuff flavour in the world, beating vanilla and banana by 3-to-1.

    - The first diet soft drink, called the "No-Cal Beverage" was launched in 1952.

    - Americans eat twice as much meat as Europeans, gobbling up some 50kg (110 lb) per capita.

    - Ice tea was introduced in 1904 at the World's Fair in St. Louis.

    - Approximately one billion snails are served in restaurants annually.

    - Botanically speaking, the banana is a herb and the tomato is a fruit.

    - The world's oldest existing eatery opened in Kai-Feng, China in 1153.

    - An ounce of chocolate contains about 20 mg of caffeine.

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    thanks i never knew few of them...

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    thanks for nice info

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