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Thread: A word for "Secret of great Success"

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    asif pk

    A word for "Secret of great Success"

    Secret of Great Success

    A journalist asked the President of a famous Bank,"Sir, what is the secret of your great success.The Bank president smiled and said,"Only two words"
    The journalist asked, "Sir,what are those two words"
    The President said,""Right decisions"
    The Journalist asked," Sir,How can you make a right decision"The president said,"Only one word".The journalist asked,"Sir, what is that one word.The President said,"Experience"
    The journalist asked," Sir,how do you get that great experience"The president said ,"Only two words". The Journalist asked,"Sir,What are those two words"The President smiled and said,"Wrong Decisions

    So, make your decisions now !!!!!!!!!


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    nice one

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    i like it... thanks for the post...kool...anyways take care

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    Nice one

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