Some of your moments may not be included..These are basically the moments that came into my mind while creating this video..

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some australians have been criticizing me for being against them, my explaination to this is that its not true.
this video is more about 'UNEXPECTED' & 'SHOCKING' feats of last 10 years (99 to 09)
australias major wins were no surprise to anyone, and also the stunning performances of their players.

surprise , impact on the game and unexpected things was the criteria for the video!
and i didn't have a lot of time to think about the top 10, i made this one in less than 2 hours buddies!

Lets cherish some of the great performances by cricketers and teams in last decade in this great game of cricket which we love so much..

SA chase down 434
Yuvraj 's 6 sixes
Kumble's Perfect 10
Lara reclaims world record
India pull off win at Eden Gardens after following on
New Zealand white washes Australia
SA snatches defeat from jaws of victory in 99 semi final
Mendis tears apart Indian batting line-up in Asia cup
Shoaib breaks 100 mph barrier
England reclaims Ashes