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Thread: Significance of Raksha Bandhan (Happy Rakhi)...........

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    Significance of Raksha Bandhan (Happy Rakhi)...........

    Happy Raksha Bandhan To All My Friends......

    Rakhi is a festival of siblings of opposite sex which symbolizes the love and the emotional bond between them. The graceful relationship between brothers and sisters has so much regard and magnitude for the Hindus that an entire day of the year is devoted by Hindu Religion for the celebration of this pious relationship. The Hindu Community celebrates this special day like a festival and calls it 'Rakhi' or 'Raksha-Bandhan'. The literal meaning of 'Raksha-Bandhan' is 'the bond of protection'. On Rakhi day it is a custom that the brothers make a promise to their sisters to protect and safeguard them against all the evil forces.

    Though Rakhi festival has special importance for the brothers and sisters yet entire family, and kiths and kin thereof, celebrate this festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. Thus the festival of Rakhi represents not only the siblings' emotional bond but also an occasion of family get together, reviving the relationships and social harmony.

    With time the ways of celebrating Rakhi festival has also changed. Since the ancient time that is the Vedic period in the Indian history the Rakhi has been a symbol of seeking help or protection from the powerful ones by the weaker ones. The festival was never confined to the siblings' relationship only as it is generally believed to be. In due course of time the moods of this festival's celebrations have changed a lot but the basic idea of 'a bond of protection' has remained unchanged. Even in the modern times the Rakhi festival is beyond the factors such as caste systems, race systems, religious issues, haves and have-nots differences and even national boundaries. For instance the people from allover the country either personally tie the Rakhi or send it through postal services, to the soldiers, Prime-Minister and the President. It is the spirit of Indians that this festival is celebrated throughout India in a joyous ambient.


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    good info

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    Nice info and good collection too

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