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Thread: When the sun has set...

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    When the sun has set...

    When the sun has set
    And you feel much bored
    when the light has yet
    not gone far abroad

    then open your window
    and smell the fresh air
    feel the breeze that's slow
    and enjoy the funfair

    contentment fills many hearts
    and leads to places desired
    like a country's beautiful outskirts
    where all the devils are fired

    you see the sun rising
    and feel to go on angling
    by watching the sea glinting
    and flowers that are blooming


    you forget that you are pained
    and curve your lips to a smile
    until from others you've gained
    to serve humanity till a mile

    i hope we do good deeds
    for when the earth will die
    it will be all our needs
    where we can't utter a lie

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    well well i have read this before...but i am not sure is it a repost...or ...not

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