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Thread: Nokiaís new Multimedia Computers

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    Nokiaís new Multimedia Computers

    advanced have Nokia's latest N-Series phones become, the company has chosen to call them 'multimedia computers'. The term 'smartphone' presumably doesn't convey enough functionality for Nokia, so nothing but multimedia computer will do to accurately convey what these fully-loaded mobile phones are capable of.

    When you consider the exceptional range of advanced multimedia features and connectivity options these phones offer (particularly the new N93), you can see why Nokia prefer the term. But it's not a multimedia computer is it? A laptop is a multimedia computer; so too is the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. But its latest mobile phones are just that: extremely advanced, technologically superior, mobile phones. While we still need web services such as Flickr (which all new N-Series phones now integrate tightly with) to use the content produced on a mobile phone, we can't really call them Multimedia Computers.


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    Nice info.

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    kool stuff

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