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Thread: Here comes Our Onam....Comon let us celebrate...

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    Here comes Our Onam....Comon let us celebrate...

    Here comes our Onam- famous festival of Kerala. Worldwide malayalees celebrate this with harmony and enthusiasm.

    Often festival brings nostalgic feelings more than ever. Me also celebrating it with lots of nostalgic feelings. Being far away from my own place I too feel something missing so much....Its like A festival of Memories....! I do remember my childhood Onam. Those were the days that I had a beautiful grandful Onam. We collects flowers to make flower nice it was to fetch flowers u kno....! All kids of our sorroundings will go to collect flowers from fields, or to somewhere that we could get flowers for the next day. and then we will hide those buds in grass to bloom. Next day, early morning we will run to look at it whether all our buds are bloomed or not. Then we will make a grand rangoli with that in our courtyard. We will try to make it beautiful as much as we can...using leaves, using different colours of petals. Hmmm.....was really so nice.

    When I grown up and spent my days in college. I remember those college onam celebration that we celebrated together with my sweet friends. There is a particular dance form called "THIRUVATHIRA KALI". and how nicely we performed u know. Boys will be there for any assistance that we need to get prize. Really those were the days of co-operation, unity, friendship, love...and of colours.

    I miss my onam days with my parents. They tried to give us the best onam that they can. No matter they afford or not..But they gift us beautiful colourful Onam...with Onam feast having more than 12 items of dishes and delecious kheer named as PALADA, PRATHAMAN.....

    Though the days passed, and things have been changed a lot ...yet I try to make a surrounding with my memories. Let the materialistic world and the peoples who doesnt hav time to say even "hai or bye" know the power of festival which means dedicating time and enjoying moments with our dear ones with lots of love..., care..., concern and happiness.....If we did that....We are blessed with an auspicious Onam!

    So let me invite you all to my sweet home where we can enjoy Onam... by making a grand rangoli and feast....Comon...let us celebrate.....


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    well u made me sad coz i like festivals...i would like to be part of such a festival...but......i am far away......anyways HAPPY ONAM...

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    Happy Onam to all

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    Thanks a lot...Though you all ddnt com...!!!

    Hav Nice Days....Friends..

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    Anybody home, I am looking for my co-pilot.

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