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Thread: We musn't forget that we are a nation of immigrants.

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    We musn't forget that we are a nation of immigrants.

    You're all standing on stolen lands. All of you. We didn't have ownership. We just stayed in certain territories that we became accustomed to. We were here for thousands of years. Yeah, we warred, that's human nature. We didn't commit genocide though. We didn't exterminate en masse. We protected where we lived. We even won too many fights against the early U.S. armies because we were more knowledgeable about where we lived. We fought for a very long time and won for a very long time. North American tribes stopped the Spanish in their tracks and made them stay south of the border. We fought so valiantly that custer had to die. We fought so hard that we forced American generals to have a sit-down and write up peace treaties to keep the cavalry from being annihilated and that kept the indigenous people of America from committing genocide against civillians who were no longer deemed welcome. We sat down and had honor on our side and believed that the U.S. government had honor within their ranks too. Time has been the biggest evidence that there is no honor when it comes to having discussion about this topic. Not one treaty was honored and all the treaties were broken. The only promise they kept was that they were going to put us on RESERVES and take our land.

    We have a bunch of moronic people who believe they won fair and square, but the truth is that when there was a fight their side lost. They lost so terribly that they had to use their greatest weapon: lying. Still doing it even to this day. Even to the poor of this country. They don't discriminate. They just hate the ones they make promises to and then when the time comes the pull the rug right from under them. This is a cautionary tale because my people, Diné (Navajo), have survived the onslaught of continuous degredation and destruction. We're still here and we even helped the ungrateful bastards win a World War.

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    hmm well they show signs at early age

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