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Thread: Flax seeds have many health benefits

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    Cool Flax seeds have many health benefits

    Flax seeds have many health benefits

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    If you want to reduce your weight or get rid of the accumulated fat in your body, you'll inevitably hear Besihh seeds hacks such as quinoa and shea and linen.

    Flax seeds are many health benefits including the prevention of heart disease, cholesterol and cancer, but its benefits on fitness is a treasure in itself.
    Once you join this magical and delicious seeds to your diet , you'll be able to slimming your body without effort, through the following means:


    A feeling of fullness:
    Rich in fiber and contain a low percentage of carbohydrates or sugars, these seeds also contain a resin help you in the stomach feeling of fullness. Eat two tablespoons or 3 tablespoons of boiling water with these seeds half an hour before eating food meal, and you will feel fuller and therefore will not Taatmkny from excessive eating.

    Lose weight:
    Flax seeds contain a low - calorie, paid higher food and health where fat ratio. It is also rich in amino acids and omega - 3 as well as vitamins E and C, selenium, zinc and copper, which makes them fight fat accumulated in the lower abdomen, upper thighs, under the rear area and in the inner knee area.

    Fight against cellulite:
    Oil extracted from these seeds can resist cellulite and limit its spread so Odreign within your diet. You can add flaxseed flour and meal to your breakfast with milk or juice, because it helps your skin to produce collagen and thus fights the appearance of cellu lite.

    Name:  flax-seeds-during-pregnancy.jpg
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