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Thread: Salute for this Indian Biker

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    Salute for this Indian Biker

    This video is from Bhunal's Lunabhatti Terrain. The bike rider did not remove from the jeep coming from the wrong direction, then the jeep rider attacked him. Jeep driver also tried to jeep on the bike. But despite all the pressure, the bike rider remained firm on its stand.
    Many times we can not take a stand ahead of the wrong because we care about the consequences. In this case, the jeep driver got attacked and the safety of the bike rider was in danger. But despite this, its bike rider took the stand. We salute her passion. Many times we have to win our fear and take stand. This bike rider did the same.

    At present, the police has filed a lawsuit on the jeep driver and the video is under investigation.


    Video Courtesy: Nilia Verma

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    ya how cud it be possible i had also see about this in news papers n tv
    good one sunny its amazing

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    Lolz its great but leme tell u guys those are images anything can be done to images but if it were a video u could say something!!

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    may be moved by strong wind

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    Yaa guess ur right

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    Yeah, viraj is right.
    The place is like a desert, why not a stong wind push them along.

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    well guys i don't know how they moved coz the photographer also does not knows....

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