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Thread: I do miss u............

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    I do miss u............

    Love comes from unexpected places
    and at a time you least expect it.
    How true this statement is.
    I never read meaning into it
    until you came my way

    I never really thought we could be
    anything more than mere friends
    but the moment I looked
    into your eyes,

    I saw something special
    something I've never seen before
    I felt it all over me
    you showed me how love feels
    the feeling was so good

    I long to feel that way
    every minute of the day.
    It felt so right, so passionate,
    so great!


    I wish I could be with you
    every now and again
    but time and chance could not let it
    but all the same, we'll work it out.
    I really do miss you.

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    whom ur missing sweety

    good post

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    nice poem Sweety..!

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    She's missing me. And that's fine with me, because her soul is mine.

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    well nice one sweety ....kool i already said never thought u could post stuff like that.....sweet...

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    Oops I missed something in my above post so here i am back again....

    ogen Posted: August 24 2007 Post subject:


    She's missing me. And that's fine with me, because her soul is mine.
    well well sweety look like someone here is crazy for u...lolz

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