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Thread: Quiet emotions

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    Quiet emotions

    I always wanted more from you,
    Than you were willing to give;
    So now we have gone our separate ways,
    With each of us a different life to live…

    The bond will always be there,
    The friendship always intact;
    But the time for us has come and gone,
    And pages of time we can’t turn back…

    I will remember those smiles & laughters,
    And those fights that have left painless scars;
    I will always be a friend to you,
    And wonder how you are!

    Sometimes on those busy days,
    When you have thousands of things to do;
    Just lemme slip through your mind,
    And spend some time with you!!

    In that quiet moment when you are surprised to find me there,
    Just remember, even with the distances between us, I’ll always be that someone; who will forever care..!!

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    nice one

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    Sweety that was sweet, lovely and a little sad...
    but thanks anyway...! =)

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    veru nice and tragedy sweety

    bye takecare

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    well avantika i never thought u could post such a touchy stuff.....nice post

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    good post avantika.

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