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Thread: power/worth of studying in China

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    power/worth of studying in China

    Dear all, Now you can see power/worth of studying in China. The US news Educational Ranking of Universities is out now and you noticed that Tsinghua university, China is on No. 1, crossing MIT in Engineering & Computer

    Science subjects rankings again
    (Read full post below. I mean full)

    ***Please note that these rankings are US own ranking organization, so if they rank some other country university than their own university, then it greatly affects finances coming to US that international students pay to come to their US university if it is no. 1, but now Tsinghua is on 1, so international students will divert towards it.
    As Tsinghua and others universities crossed them in subjects of Engineering & Computer Sciences and also in other subjects. So what are you waiting for???
    Apply for Chinese top ranked universities and studying in top university at China is same as you are studying in US. Countries in the world except Pakistan will give your Chinese degree a worth due to university rankings.

    See China Agriculture University on 4th position in Agricultural Sciences rankings and Fudan University China on 4th position in Material Sciences subjects as well
    Early Notice for Chinese Govt. Scholarship 2018 (300+ Pakistani winners last year) in almost every fields such as arts, social sciences, engineering, medical, sciences etc
    Dear all students who are applying for Master and PhD in almost every field. Now it is time that you start applying for Chinese Universities.
    The Chinese Govt. Scholarships application will start from January to March 2018 and and a few will go upto April 2018. Deadlines vary from university to university
    This is opportunity for people who belong to Non technical majors specially. So, they must focus on this post as this will help them alot
    Start applying today by reading the procedure below as November onwards is the best time to apply


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    Why China ?
    1) 10 Chinese universities are in top 100 universities rankings in every list such QS rankings, Shanghai Rankings etc and more than 20 Chinese universities are in top 200 universities in the world
    You can use any of the 05 rankings websites below and target your universities from rankings
    05 rankings are
    2) This news is quite famous, when Tsinghua university,China leaves behind MIT, USA in rankings. You can guess from it that if an university can leave behind MIT, then how much great education will be in that university
    3) Studying in top universities is same as you study in US or China
    4) So, you people still plan for MIT, Stanford, when you have options of top and better universities in China e.g., Tsinghua, Peking, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Fudan, UST, Nanjing etc universities. Also other universities in China are in good rankings.
    See any world universities rankings websites such as QS , webometrics, US news. You will find Chinese Universities on top in any kind of fields/subjects
    5) ** The masters program in China is research based. So you get a good research profile at the end of masters. This research based profile with publications will help you alot to get good PhD positions in Europe, USA, and other places.
    6) Also people from all majors and specially uncommon/non technical majors such as business, social sciences, arts etc can try to apply for CSC and other scholarships in China. They must target top universities in their fields especially in their subjects, which they can check from rankings.
    7) You can also try to find best professors in China by using the list of highly cited researchers and if they agree to supervise you then you have best chances of making a best research profile for yourself by working in their labs
    Here you can find the list of highly cited researchers
    Also, if you are able to get admission in Chinese universities (top ranked) in PhD and not awarded CSC scholarship, then still you have chances, you can apply for Shehbaz Sharif fully funded scholarship for PhD in top universities. You can apply for it until 29 March, 2018
    * Warning: But make up your mind before applying for China. As if you leave your accepted positions in China after doing all the process, it will make professors think, Pakistanis are not good people. So, dun do bad for your junior fellows. Target top ranked universities, so you will have no problem in joining them happily
    Why I am saying it so early ?
    1) For chinese govt. scholarship, you need to contact professors to get acceptance to be his student/lab student in Masters or PhD
    2) If you contact them early, they will not fill up the seats with students from other nationalities
    3) You will have enough time to prepare for it, if you start from now
    4) Do not go for multiple acceptances from Chinese professor. Only target one professor and get single acceptance and apply as getting multiple acceptances and then denying them makes professors to think Pakistanis dun fulfill their promises. So it badly affects the selection of your Pakistani brothers and sisters in next years
    Now what to do ?
    1) Use GOOGLE. Find last year documents, information to prepare yourself from today
    2) Join below all below groups and pages and follow guidelines and ask questions there. All of the groups mentioned below will guide you well. Also follow last year guides, they will be same in this year as well

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