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    An American Jew enters into a bar and sees a Chinese guy having a beer. He walks over and gives the Chinese guy a huge back hander which lays the poor guy out on the floor.
    "What was that for?", says the Chinaman.
    "That", says the Jew, "Was for bombing Pearl Harbour you b******s!"
    The poor Chinese guy is lost. He says "Hey wait, I`m Chinese, not Japanese, it was the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbour."
    The Jew says "Chinese, Japanese, you`re all the same to me." So the Chinaman gives the American Jew a huge back hander that lays him out on the floor. The Jew is shocked.
    "What was that for?"
    "That was for sinking the Titanic"
    "The Titanic!", says the Jew. "The Titanic was sunk by a iceberg!"
    And the Chinese says "Iceberg, Goldberg, Spielberg, you`re all the same to me!"


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    lolz funny one

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