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Thread: Don't ever leave me again

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    Don't ever leave me again

    Don't ever leave me again
    Aashish Sinha

    when we met, time flew faster,
    we talk a lot but it never ends,
    time stops us to sit and talk because its time to go,
    i asked time why don't you stop for while,
    that we complete our talk and then u start running again,
    he said NO because lots of people who love is waiting for their time to
    so please its your time to go,
    we looked each other,
    eyes talked something n tears came,
    heart started beating n crying,
    Don't Go, don't leave me,
    i am yours keep me with you always,
    next day is another day we will meet for sure,
    before that, a dark night and thought of yours,
    Make me unhappy and i miss u a lot,
    nights are longer n time flew slower than ever,
    One Day i need to go far,we talked and thought time will go faster,
    but again time flew slower than ever,
    then i back someday and met you once again,
    eyes talked and cried a lot,
    heart Said : "DON'T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN",
    I love you a lot and won't be able to live without you !!


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    hmmm...a nice trick is to say this poem to a girl and tell her that we like her, her heart is sure to get melt.

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    well i am a boy u can guess why i posted...lolz

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    hmm, have u already used this secret weapon.

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    not yet...coz yet to find that secret true love..lolz

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    Fantastic poem, may be this is ur heart feelngs nice one

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    may u get the true love u r searching for napster...

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    thanks for the good wishes...well what can i say

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    welcome buddy and don't worry we all r on the same boat.

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    Hi! I always wonder Y there is no matching of name with the avatar....

    nice post.

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