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Thread: Life in Four photos...

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    Life in Four photos...

    First Pic

    Break of Dawn -- New lease of life, Embarking upon a New Voyage......
    A Child Flyin Kite -- Young Blood, Aspiring to Fly High with Enormous Zest n Zeal..coz U Know, Sky is The Limit......
    A Small Tree -- Need to Nurture.......
    Two Birds Hovering Above -- There r People Around to Take Ample Care of You, You r Actually Carefree.......

    Second Pic

    Daylight -- You r Almost Halfway Through in This Voyage Called Life.....
    Couple -- You Hav a Betterhalf of Yours to Lean Upon n Speak Your Heart Out to......
    Grown-up Tree -- You Hav Been Nurtured Profusely to Stand Tall n Rigidly in The Storms That May, Otherwise, Let U Down.........
    A Small Tree -- You, Together With Your Betterhalf, Hav Given A New Lease of Life to Another Breaking Dawn (Your Child).........
    One Bird Hovering Above -- There r Comparitively Less People Around You to Take Care of You, Unlike During Your Wonder Childhood Years.......

    Third Pic

    Fall of Dusk -- Twilight is Setting Upon, Life Has Come a Full Circle....
    An Old Man -- It's a Race Against Time Now On, It's The Begining of The End of The Voyage......
    Ageing Tree -- Signifies The Above Two Things, Second One Being The Personification of This........
    Grown Tree -- Your Kins Hav Grown Up, It's High Time You Start Supporting Them With Tender Care Rather Than Clashes..........
    One Bird -- Self Explanatory, I Guess???
    Grave -- In Course of The Voyage You Hav Lost Luved Ones n You Also Start to Anticipate Your Ultimate Fate n Destiny..........

    Fourth Pic

    Nightfall -- Voyage is Over, Darkness is Looming Over, High Time to Say Good Bye....
    Starry Sky -- There's Still Happiness Around, Thanks to The Aesthetic Memories Left by You n The Good Work Done Too......
    Grown-up Tree -- Your Kins r Walkin in Your Shoes now, It's For Them to Follow Your Footsteps Drawin Inspiration From Your Exemplary Life..
    Grave With Two Crosses -- You r United With Your Soulmates n RIP........
    (Watch Closely)

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    waw great description of life.good.keep posting

    bye take care

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    kool one..

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    good post.

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