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    Friendship is a heavenly voice
    That makes the hearing rejoice

    Make new friends but keep the old
    Though they are old, they are gold

    No matter how many friends you have
    There is always room for one more

    God chooses our relatives
    But we choose our friends

    A true friend is some one who knows
    Everything about you but still likes you.

    “True friend is like a Diamond
    He/She is valuable for ever”.

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    26 qualities of a frnd...

    Accepts you as you are
    Believes in you
    Calls you just to say HI
    Doesn’t give up you
    Envisions the whole of you
    Forgives your mistakes
    Gives him/herself unconditionally
    Helps you
    Invites you
    Just be with you
    Keep you close at heart
    Loves you for who you are
    Makes a difference in your life
    Never judge
    Offers support
    Picks you up
    Quiets your fears
    Raises your spirits
    Solves your problems
    Tells you the truth when you need to hear it
    Understands you
    Values you
    Walks beside you
    Xplains things you don’t understand
    Yells when you won’t listen
    Zaps you back to reality

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    ....nice definition of friend..ya your right..A True friend is like a Diamond .He/She is valuable for ever...

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