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Thread: Play a Realistic BOWLING GAME and compete online. its FREE..

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    Play a Realistic BOWLING GAME and compete online. its FREE..

    Bowling Evolution is a realistic bowling game for PC with online high scores. The game supports tenpin bowling and challenge bowling. Compete against other Bowling Evolution players by sending your results to online world high scores. The game has 3D-graphics and realistic physics simulation. Replays allow you to watch your best throws again. Mouse controls make gameplay easy and effective.

    Version 1.07 improves Windows Vista compatibility and physics simulation.

    Game Features

    * Tenpin bowling
    * Challenge bowling
    * Online World Highscores
    * Realistic physics - pins bounce like in the real world
    * Nice 3d simulation
    * Different bowling balls
    * Multiplayer game
    * Replays
    * Runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    * Multi-language support: English, Finnish, German, Spanish and Swedish

    The name, Bowling Evolution, has been chosen to express our aim to continually develop the game.

    Bowling Evolution Game Features

    Ten Pin bowling
    Bowling Evolution supports traditional Ten pin bowling. Ten pin is the most common form of bowling. Ten Pin bowling mode features a list of local all-time best results and online world highscores.

    Challenge bowling
    Challenge bowling is perfect way to practice your favorite or most feared spares. You can practice your throws in single-player mode, or challenge your friends in multiplayer game.

    Online World Highscores
    You can send your scores to online highscore-system directly from the game and compete there with your friends.

    Multiplayer game
    You can play Bowling Evolution with your friends using a single computer. Up to four players are supported.

    You can record your nicest throws to your computer and check them again later. The replays can also be viewed by other players of Bowling Evolution by copying replay files through the web, for example. Recording is supported in traditional Ten Pin and Challenge bowling modes.

    Nice 3d simulation
    The events in the game are modelled by a sophisticated physics engine. This gives a solid base for a good bowling game. Every throw will be different from another.

    Visualization is done with a popular 3d-engine which makes the game look nice as well. You have many camera angles to select from, first person camera being the one meant for making the throw.

    We have also worked hard to make a good user interface which allows you to get in touch with the ball after a short training.

    Different bowling balls
    There are four bowling balls in the game and each ball has different weight, hook rating and appearance.

    No spyware or adware
    Bowling Evolution software is not used in any way to exploit your computer resources and it does not come with any kind of spyware.

    System Requirements
    * Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    * DirectX 9
    * Hardware accelerated video-card
    * 1 GHz prosessor
    * Mouse
    * Approximately 13 Mb free disk space

    License:F r e e


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    Nice game.

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    wow good graphics.

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    seems good

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