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Thread: all friends are not forever...

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    all friends are not forever...

    All Friends Are Not Forever...

    Friends are who you need the most,
    When times are not so right.
    They come and go so frequently,
    You hope you pick one right.


    The right one listens with both ears,
    And soothes your aching heart.
    The right one never questions you,
    When you seem to fall apart.

    The friend for you is one who says,
    "Be calm and let me help"
    For there are some real bad days,
    When life hits you below the belt.

    All friends are not forever,
    They are few and far between,
    But the few true friends you do find,
    Will never, ever leave.

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    well u r rght..but i believe in friends forever......make the friends that last forever

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    yeah TRUE frnds are for life..! yeah ur rght too we should make frnds that will lst 4eva and eva... i think people come in our life for a reason, season or lifetime...the quicker we know what they have come as, the better we know how to react to the situation...anyway take care...

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    yes friends come n go.they r not forever.either true or false friends ALL FRIENDS R NOT FOREVER

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    thats true ,i agree with u both sunny n natureelegance ,its purely a virtue of thots tht brk thm out, nice one

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    i agree with u that frnds may not be forever..........welcome back i just wanted to share these line ...

    "its not achievement to make 100 frnds in ayear but an achievement is to make a friend for 100 years and i know i've made one that's......."

    so what u guys think now...??

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    very true

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    yes napster your absolutely right.....i am happy for you that you've found a friend like that... ...

    and Beng thanyou and take care...

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