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Thread: Someone Special...

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    Someone Special...

    Someone Special...

    Someone to lean on
    Someone to love
    With arms wide open
    You offer a hug

    Someone to cry with
    Laugh with and smile
    Someone to make
    Every moment worthwhile

    When times get rough
    And my world falls apart
    You're someone I run to
    You offer your heart


    From tearful shoulders
    To stomach-aching laughs
    You're someone I need
    And someone everyone should have

    You're someone who can always
    Show me the brighter side
    And I can always tell you
    What I feel inside

    Someone to be thankful for
    Someone to never forget
    You're someone special I'll always love
    You're the best friend I've ever met

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    Tom Jerry
    so nice....natural elegance!....would u mind to tell me ur name....?

    Me and my ash....!

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    nice one sunshine.....hmm a poem for best friend...kool...

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    Always somone is one whom we expect in our life's every turning...but when we expects..... That Someone special wont com in front of us...and when we sit without any hope...He just lend his hand saying....I was Just waiting for you...!!!

    Enjoy naturalelegance....Hav a Nice day..

    Tom Jerry is new na...? welcome friend...

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    well first of all my comliments to all of you too...and then secondly Tom n Jerry my name is thirdly Hemasnair i think your a poet, i hope u have nice day too..
    all of you take care n bye for now..!

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    keep up the good posting

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    thanks Beng...take care...

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