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Thread: Benefits of Walking Exercise

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    Benefits of Walking Exercise

    It is said that every person has two doctors with him... his right leg & his left leg. A vigorous 5 mile walk can do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy man than any medicine or psychology. it is the easiest exercise for most individuals, one that can done without equipment except good shoes, in most terrains & weather & also in very old age.


    What we are talking about is not just walking but brisk walking. Here are the benefits of the same--

    Why walking ?
    Walking is the most natural exercise known to man.

    Besides this, here are the other benefits of walking ---
    1 ) Walking improves circulation
    Calf muscles are man's second heart. On walking, these muscles pump the blood to the heart with all force. This leads to greater heart exercise, increased oxygen requirement & better blood circulation.

    2) Walking is good for the heart

    The increased oxygen requirements lead to exercise for the heart. On a long term basis, it leads to a better circulation for the heart. Thus it reduces the chances of a heart attack.

    2 ) Walking cuts fatigue
    Once daily brisk walking has become a habit, you start reaping the benefits.
    Soon there is no need of any laxatives.
    No more low back ache.
    No more of that catch while bending.
    Above all, in shape body is not easily fatigued.

    3 ) Walking improves the posture.

    4 ) Psychological benefits

    Many studies have shown enormous psychological benefits of walking. It has been shown that daily walking habit reduces anxiety, tension & improves mood.

    What is "brisk walking"?

    It has been shown that what works best is not walking but "brisk walking". Scientifically, it correlates with the pulse rate that you should achieve for the maximum benefit. However, simply speaking, brisk walking means : a level that's not just strolling; but not out pf breath either.

    How many minutes a day should one walk briskly?

    No study has established the exact time for the maximum benefit. However 45minutes to 1 hour is a good guide.

    You can even incorporate it in your daily life style. That way you will automatically walk briskly to the office & for that matter anywhere. A short brisk walk is is worth two miles of ambling. That way you will easily get minimal amount of good exercise every day. And, as striding becomes a habit, you will soon get more exercise, willingly.

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    thanks for the info.

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    cheers terminator

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    Nice inform

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    thnx Funnysmartlook

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    nice info

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    thnx napster

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    i walk abt 1km a day in the morning.

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    good yaar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminator
    i walk abt 1km a day in the morning.

    arre only in dreams my friend..

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