A good friend comes 2 visit u in the hospital with flowers n goes. A True friend sits near u n says: O yaar, nurse bahut sunder hai... aaram se theek hona!

Do u remember the day we travelled in a car? I put my dog out of the window, u put ur face out, then people started shouting 'TWINS TWINS'

Telling a lie is a fault for a little boy, an art for a lover, an accomplishment for a bachelor and a Matter of Survival for a married man. Gud Luck!

Meaning of ABCDEFG : A Boy Can Do Everything For Girls. Reverse the letters GFEDCBA Girls Forget Everything Done & Catch new Bakra Again

A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that she looks extremely beautiful when her lips r closed !

An old rich man marries a young gal. Interviewer asks the girl: Apne inmein shaadi ke liye kya dekha? Girl: Ek to inki income aur doosre inke din kum.

Reverse dynamics: When a man becomes rich he becomes naughty & when a woman becomes naughty.... she becomes rich.

A lady is standing on top of the hill n she is going to push her father down. So what's the name of the lady? Push......Paa.

Ravan was sent to court & was asked to keep a hand on Geeta.
He refused saying: Sita par hath rakh kar itni musibat aayi! Ab Geeta pe haath nahin rakhunga

Ravan ki 20 aankhein thi magar nazar sirf ek aurat pe; jab ki aapki 2 aankhein aur nazar har aurat pe...! Toh asli Ravan kaun??

In a class, teacher asked: If I buy an [email protected] 12.75 n [email protected] e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , it's loss or profit?
Pappu: Profit in rupees & loss in paise

1980 girls: Maan mei Jeans pehanungi Maan : Nahin beti log kya kahengey? 2006 girls: Maan mein mini skirt pehanungi Maan: Pehen le beti kuch to pehan le!

Generation Next Motto: Na hum shaadi karenge, na apne bachchon ko karne denge