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Thread: Worlds worst love letter

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    Worlds worst love letter

    Dear Bertha,

    I lack the bravery and endurance requisite to face you
    with my feelings, so I am writing this letter to you
    in the hopes that you can read it.

    I remember the first time I saw you. I don`t know if
    I was attracted to you because of your radiant
    personality, your sunny disposition, or your
    gravitational pull. All I know is that once I got
    close to you, as much as I wanted to, I couldn`t leave.

    And I think back to some of the trials and
    tribulations in our relationship.

    Like that time you tried on that thong bikinni you said
    you would look terrible in.

    I`m truely impressed by the bravery it took to even
    try it in light of how right you were.

    And I know it makes you uncomfortable that I sometimes
    hang out with your ex, but your cousin and I hardly ever
    discuss you and when we do, it is always positive.


    Every day while I am working in the sewage treatment
    plant, all I can think of is you. When I found that
    ring I gave to you floating through, I knew it must
    have been divine intervention that had kept us,
    together so long.

    When I talk to my friends about you, they all agree,
    you`re "a whole lot of woman".

    I couldn`t have said it better myself.

    With what I think is probably love,


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    vryyyy funnyyyyyyyyyyy
    good one

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    he he gud one

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    LOL...Smart guy

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