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Thread: Spanning Tree Algorithm

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    Spanning Tree Algorithm

    This is a poem composed by Radia Perlman, in her book
    'Interconnections' describing the spanning tree algorithm
    she has invented for the bridges in LAN.

    I think that I shall never see
    A graph more lovely than a tree.

    A tree whose crucial property
    Is loop-free connectivity.


    A tree that must be sure to span
    So packets can reach every LAN.

    First, the root must be selected.
    By ID, it is elected.

    Least cost paths from root are traced.
    In the tree, these paths are placed.

    A mesh is made by folks like me,
    Then bridges find a spanning tree.

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    n i c e o n e

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    thanx shalin

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    wow, wonderful.

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    good one

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    wow good post.keep posting

    bye take care

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    nice post

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