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Thread: Munna bhai chale amerika

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    Munna bhai chale amerika

    Circuit: tera des me mera seena khushi se phool gaya
    Munna: in your country my chest with happiness becomes breast.

    Munnabhai with Circuit strikes again! Circuit: Bhai america mein address puchega tho kya bolne ka
    Munna: Dhobhi Ghaat
    Circuit: Bhai english mein bolneka tho? Munna: Washington
    Circuit: Bhai idhar aane ko kya bolna
    Munna: Come Here

    Circuit: Bhai phir udhar jaaneko kya bolthe hai?
    Munna: Pehle udhar jaaneka phir bolneka come here.

    Circuit: Bhai yeh kaisa bolne ka - chale hat hawa aane de
    Munna: simple hain yaar - Hey u move sideways let the air force come
    Circuit: Bhai tum tho pass ho gela bhai
    Munna: Yes bro i have just passed away

    Munna: Abhi tu bol eh mamu bheja mat phira
    Circuit: Mother's brother dont rotate my brain

    Munna: Yeh bol idhar aa khajhur detha hun karcha pani {kajhur yaane
    circiut: Come with me for a date i will pay u

    Munna: Ab yeh bol apun ko bahut sardi ho gayi hai
    Circuit: I got big winter in small nose


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    nice but have seen in trailer

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    for those who have not seen the trailer yet

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    very nice...
    full of laughter...

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