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Thread: Some facts abt Bruce Lee

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    Some facts abt Bruce Lee

    1) What is Bruce Lee's favorite vegetable?
    Ans: Mu Lee

    2) What does Bruce Lee like to have for lunch?
    Ans: Tha Lee

    3) What happens to the theatre once a Bruce Lee movie is over ?
    Ans: Kha Lee

    4) What is Bruce Lee's sister-in-law's name?
    Ans: Saa Lee

    5) Bruce Lee's favorite breakfast?
    Ans: Id Lee


    6) Bruce Lee's favourite festival
    Ans: Diwa Lee

    7) Bruce Lee's favorite Actress
    Ans: Sona lee

    Cool Bruce Lee's favorite Music
    Ans: Qawa lee

    9) What is Bruce Lee's most interesting job?
    Ans: Coo Lee

    10) When did Bruce Lee die?
    Ans: Final Lee

    11) How did Bruce Lee die?
    Ans: With a Go Lee

    12) What is Bruce Lee's favorite hill station
    Ans: Kulu Mana Lee

    13)What is Bruce Lee's nick name?
    Ans: Mawa Lee

    14)What is Bruce Lee's favorite Hindi movie?
    Ans:Gharwa LEE Baharwa LEE

    15)Who is Bruce Lee's favourite cricketer?
    Ans:Saurav Gangu LEE

    16)Which God does Bruce Lee pray too?
    Ans: Bajrang ba LEE
    Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny

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    very nice and funny

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    thnx both of u

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