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    Exam over

    “The exam will be over at 10 o’clock sharp and whoever fails to hand it in by that time may no longer hand it in!” says the professor.

    At 10:10, a student runs to the professor’s desk holding out his exam.

    “I said I wouldn’t accept any exam papers after the hour!!”

    With an air of authority, the student asks, “Do you know whom you’re talking to?”

    “No, I have no idea.”

    Sticking his nose even higher in the air, the student repeats, “Are you positive?”


    The student then lifts the pile of papers and sticks his own right in the middle, shuffles them a little and says, “So find out…”

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    but i had read about it
    so many times

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    nice joke

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    thnx both of u

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    good one..........

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    thnx aakash

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