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Thread: i'll light ur way...If I...

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    i'll light ur way...If I...

    If I...


    If I was one thing, I'd be a candle
    Lighting the way so you can handle
    Your life easier without woes
    Not having to fight with your foes.
    I'd help keep you from stumbling over
    Things blocking your path to an open door.
    If I light your path, life is easier,
    Even strong winds, my light will not deter.
    No matter what, I'm here for you
    To cheer you up when you are blue.
    Do not fret when times get tough,
    If things look down or kind of rough.
    Just remember, I'm always here,
    In your heart, close and near.
    I will help you out in every way,
    Happiness and love in your heart will stay.
    Don't blow me out, that's one request
    Unless it's me you do detest.
    I do not try to hurt anyone
    That isn't good or any fun.
    But one day you may leave me behind
    You may no longer need my light to shine.
    If that day comes, go on your way
    And I will hope to see you again one day.
    If one day, I don't appear,
    Do not worry, do not fear
    I may be gone, but in your heart
    The light I gave you did not depart.
    It will be there forever and a day
    To always bring happiness and light your way.
    Farewell for now, I'm needed elsewhere
    If your path grows dark, in your heart, I'm there.
    So I'm really not gone, just not seen,
    I would not leave, I'm not that mean.
    Only one simple request that I must say,
    Please, never forget those who lit your way

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    Guest words to say about all of ur posts dear....wonderful job u hav done...

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    thanks Hemasnair... and take care and and and you post tooo... =)

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    Nice post.

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    Really she write so nicely....!

    Keep it up..and do post more.

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    nice one........

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    thanks 1984, Uramine, Shalin & Chugh!!! and you all keep posting too... take care all of you...=)

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    kool one

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