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Thread: wake up...

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    wake up...

    Kiss the dawn good morning,
    Heavens at your door,
    I know that it don't feel that way,
    But look out at the shore,
    It's kissing the horizon,
    The world is warming through,
    Soon you will embrace it,
    Your eyes will see what's true.

    Don't cry those tears my lonely girl,
    Sometimes we feel pain,
    To remind us of just what we have,
    And what we can sustain.

    Wake up to the shining sun,
    Today's a brand new day,
    Place a smile upon your face,
    And wipe those tears away,
    Love is waiting on the road,
    Journey from this hole,
    Lay your heart upon the line,
    Some things we can't control.

    Don't cry those tears for what you've lost,
    Think of what you gained,
    Life can be a bumpy ride,
    That leaves you feeling drained,
    It doesn't mean there is no point,
    Strength must be your friend,
    Keep yourself and all you're worth,
    With you till the end.


    Blazing rays of hope will shine,
    Rising through the sky,
    Until the day we finally see,
    Until the day we die

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    wow...really am feeling that am wandering through an another world of fantacy....Ur word's power is in its nice....Keep writing...and give us an oppurtunity to read more....

    wonderful...though it is not the correct word which discribes Ur elegance....

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    thanks for replying...

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    very good ...very good....ur thought are so nice.

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    nice one...

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    good one.........

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    "Uramine, Shalin & Chugh" thankyou very much for the compliments... and all of you take care...

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    very nice.

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    my comlpiments to u too Terminator...

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